Daily inspiration: Cool Logos

Cool logos are a great source of inspiration

Today’s daily inspiration is all about cool logos, One of the most important things for a company is its logo! A cool logo is one of the things that will set a company apart from the others. It has to be recognizable without even seeing the text. Cool logos can be really difficult to create and by going through today’s daily inspiration hopefully this can get the juices flowing.

Cool logos should be distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message.

There are five principles that you should follow to ensure that this is so…

Cool logos are (in no particular order):

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

Cool logos or any logo for that matter should be able to be applied in lot’s of different ways and media’s if it looks good on the web it might not look so good on a letter head, if it’s too small it might be unreadable on you business card. It should work across all your stationary, web-based stuff and any other place you might have it. Normally a good logo will use a simple font that is easy to read and distinctive enough that people will recognize it standing alone, of course that part will come after time.  When designing a logo you should think about the target audience and try to aim at them, i.e if you have a playful illustrated logo you couldn’t use that in a corporate environment!


cool logo

Anyway, this isn’t a logo design tutorial, it’s just to get to inspired and make your brain start ticking. Enjoy the article.

The Waterfront cool logo


PixlTouch cool logo


Rethink cool logo


Lion Bird cool logo


Labtunes cool logo


watermelonlover cool logo


Zhanmed Clinic cool logo


Fight of the Irish cool logo

FORESTAL cool logo

cool logo


Boot Stop cool logo

Sew Perfect cool logo

Logo cool logo


Logo cool logo

cool logo


I hope you have been inspired by this article and are ready to go off and start creating some amazing logo’s for your self. As always, please pass this round to your friends and feel free to leave comments!


About the Author:

I am a graphic and web designer that loves wandering the globe and eating noodles!

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