Cool movie posters: Daily inspiration

Today’s daily inspiration is on movie posters!

Movie posters are a great source of inspiration! Apart from the amazing art work and fantastic designs, movie poster design is one of the most fun and inspiring type of design around!
With movie posters you can really let go and enjoy the freedom without walls, movie posters generally these exist in the advertising world.
They go way beyond our normal world of design and using grids because with posters there are no set grids or UI’s to design with.

Here you can just let go and have fun.

Why not create a movie poster or book cover for a film or story about your life? Just as a design excercise!
The daily inspiration today is about freedom to design without any of the normal restrictions! Anything goes! so you can just go mad!The posters I have chosen are some of my favourite and also have some of my favourite movies too!
I hope you get inspired by them and for my next tutorial I will do a movie themed web site design and then a tutorial on building it in HTML 5.
All posters have been taken from IMDB and there are loads more on there. Check them out!

movie posters 1

movie poster 2

movie poster 3

movie poster 4

movie poster 5

movie poster 6

movie poster 7

movie poster 8

movie poster 9

movie poster 10

movie poster 11

movie poster 12

movie poster 13

movie poster 14

movie poster 15

movie poster 16

movie poster 17

movie poster 18

movie poster 19

I hope you found today’s daily inspiration on movie posters useful and inspiring, as always, please feel free to share this and comment, the more the merrier.

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I am a graphic and web designer that loves wandering the globe and eating noodles!

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