Nacho Molina : An interview with the talented artist and illustrator

Nacho Molina, Here is his interview

Today I have had the pleasure of doing an interview with the talented illustrator and artist from Valencia, Spain, Nacho Molina!  Nacho was kind enough to give creative-phlare his take on illustration, life and other issues!

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Hello and welcome Nacho.

1. When did you become interested in illustration?

Nacho Molina: I think like most people who love painting, I got into drawing since I was a child. I always have loved watching movies, playing video games and the stuff which surround it. Having grown up in the 80′s and 90′s, in a sense, made it a part of my culture. However, after I reached 18, I decide to study fine arts and started to become totally commitment to art and illustration.


2. How did you develop your style and how would you describe it?

Nacho Molina: I think the personal style is always a mix of your influences (the artist you really like, visual information you usually check, even music), the work you usually do and in most cases the people who are with you in a specific time. In my case I started in the business with a strong background in traditional painting after having studied the classics of the painting such as Velazquez, Rembrandt, Sargent, Sorolla or Rockwell. When I jumped into digital media I kept some of these influences, not only in my seeking of a good light and atmosphere, but also in the process I use to depict scenes.


3. Can you describe a bit about your creative process while creating a piece.

Nacho Molina: I don’t have an established process, since I mess around with each image before get the final a result. However, I usually start with loose sketches on paper for having a clear idea of what I want to do and where I’m going to set the main figures of the scene. After that it all comes down to patience and time. I start with general shapes and colors, and little by little I concrete the details. That’s so important if you want to create a general atmosphere.


4. How would you describe your daily routine?

Nacho Molina: I don’t have a very exciting life, to be honest. I spend many hours in front of my laptop not only working but also checking out images and others people work. However, I really like going out with friends or my girlfriend for a beer, walk or something. I enjoy meeting with people and discussing music, cinema or the weather. I think illustrators or people with creative jobs in general should have some time to do things which keeps them off the computer.


5. what five things do you believe are really important for every illustrator

Nacho Molina: Practice, look for new inspiration and motivation every time (it could be visiting other places, watching a movie or whatever), learn to set up a timetable, don’t go to bed too late and try to wake up early; and finally, never give it up (you will never know enough when it comes to painting). And sorry for the sixth… if you are really good doing something, never do it for free.


6. do you have any advice anyone who starting out in this kind of business.

Nacho Molina: If they want to work as a freelance artist, I would say to them that they are choosing a really tough profession which is everything but easy. I would recommend being constant, humble and patient with the clients and the money because especially at the beginning is quite difficult to find people who want to bank on you. However, we should think ourselves lucky, as due to the internet we can spread and find potential clients all around the world. Therefore it’s so important to have an online portfolio or website which enables your work to reach more people.


I just want to say thank you again to Nacho Molina for doing this interview and keep up the brilliant work!

Nacho also has his work on facebook, follow him here

I hope you enjoyed this Nacho Molina interview, please feel free to share and comment. Please keep coming back every day for more inspiring articles.

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  •,net Kate

    Very inspirational interview. Keep people motivated to do their art. :)

    • Robin Powell

      Thanks Kate :)

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