Photoshop tattoo tutorial

Okay, So My first Photoshop tattoo tutorial is going to be a very basic and incredibly easy one to follow .

This will be the final image for the photoshop tattoo tutorial

Beautiful woman woth tatoo's

 Photoshop tattoo tutorial

For this tutorial I want to show how easily you can manipulate photos using layers and blending modes, Many people who use photoshop will think this tattoo tutorial is to easy, and they would be right! But for someone just starting out this is a great way to learn some of the tools and create a great image in a very short time.

Step 1

First thing you want to do is to find a nice image to put your tattoo’s on. For the best results you want to find a person with quite light skin, this will make the effect easier to create. Then use google to find some images of tattoos, if you search tattoo + flash you will find plenty to choose from (some nice galleries here), alternately you could draw your own!

seclection of images for the project

Step 2

Okay, now onto the fun stuff! First thing you need to do is choose the area on your models body you want to tattoo. Once you have decided, select the brush tool, preferably a hard edge brush and colour in the area which will be tattooed! Make sure you colour it in white!  See below!

Coloured in arm


Step 3

Now you have the area coloured in choose your tattoo and place it on top of the area you have just coloured.

Tattoo laid on top of model


Step 4

Making sure that the tattoo layer is on top of the coloured in layer make the tattoo layer a “clipping mask” by going to Layer > Create clipping mask .

Clipping mask


Step 5

Nearly done! Now set the tattoo layer and the coloured in layer to “Multiply” and you will see how good it’s starting to look. Then with the “warp” transform tool play around with the tattoo to make it fit the shape of the body part it’s on. If your not sure how to get the “warp tool” it’s Edit > Transform > warp.

Using the warp tool


Final Step

Now It should be looking really good. All you need to do now is adjust the levels and the colour balance making it a bit lighter so it’s not to black and your done! Easy!

Beautiful woman woth tatoo's


You can do the same thing with coloured tattoos to by simply following the same steps and just playing around the colour balance and hue and saturation to get them matching the skin of your model!


Here is a coloured version.

colour variation of tattooed woman


I hope you enjoyed this Photoshop tattoo tutorial, please feel free to email me at info@creative-phlare.com if you want the psd file and make sure you keep coming back for more cool tutorials!

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Photoshop tattoo tutorial



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