Pimp text tutorial for the homies!

Pimp text! It’s time to bling up your photoshop skillz! (Spelt ‘skillz’ like that on purpose, getting into pimp mode!).

This photoshop tutorial will show you how to easily create a pimp text style using only a few very basic steps. All designers work in a different way and in photoshop you can create the same effect using a thousand different techniques. This is the way I do it though.

You learn about selecting objects, layers, bevel and a few other basic things.
I hope you enjoy it and remember, Aint no business like hoe business!

pimp text


Step 1: Find your font

So, first you want to find a nice font that looks quite retro and pimpy. I used Dolphin from searchfreefonts.com.

Now on a black back ground, type in your words. Name this bling layer. Then copy that layer and put in underneath and name it outline.

On the outline layer go to Layer style > Stroke and then give it a stroke of 3 and make sure its the same colour as your text and hit ok.

Step 2: Get your gold texture

Now using google or any other image search, find a nice gold texture and open it in photoshop. Put it on top of you outline layer, Then go to the layers pallet and hover the mouse over the thumbnail of outline layer and hold down Cmd or apple and left click. This will select the object on that layer.


Noe press apple + shift + i and hit delete. so you will be left with a gold text! See where this is going?


Already looking cool!

Step 3: the bling layer

Now turn on your bling layer and you should have you bling text with a nice gold border!


Now select the bling layer the same way we selected the outline layer before in step 2. layers pallet and hover the mouse over the thumbnail of outline layer and hold down Cmd or apple and left click. now go to Filter > Noise > add noise and give it a noise of about 170 and check the monochrome button.

Now with that layer still selected go to Filter > Stylize > Emboss give it an angle of 130 and a height of 23. then go to Layer > Layer style > inner shadow and give it the following

Picture 1

ok nearly done!


Step 4: Polish!

This part really is up to you how far you go. With a soft edge brush, on a new layer just paint shiney area’s around your text.



Then make that layer ‘Overlay’. now add some sparkles, I drew mine but you could just google star brushes and find tone. just randomly add sparkles around the text, vary the size a bit and you are done!!!


pimp text


Here are some variations of the pimp text, one silver version where all i did was desaturate my gold texture. The other just adding a few more elements for fun.





So now you can do your own pimp text it’s time to roll! (ok, not very good at pimp talk!) I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Please feel free to share this with your homies and keep coming back for more step by step tutorials.

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Robin Powell


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I am a graphic and web designer that loves wandering the globe and eating noodles!

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