Zombie photoshop tutorial

Today I will do a Zombie photoshop tutorial.

The reason I chose to do this zombie photoshop tutorial is all week I keep seeing this add around the web showing an old lady pulling off a face mask promoting skin cream and I thought it would make a cool tutorial if played with this idea, so here it is.

Bellow is the final peice.

zombie photoshop tutorial


Step 1: find a face for your zombie!

I chose this picture because the position of her hands suited my idea, but you can use any picture you like. Also apart from the pictures I have shown here, you’ll need a nice skull picture for this zombie photoshop tutorial to work! (forgot to add that!)


 zombie stuff! scary

Step 2: Cut out your skin

With the marque tool select the streched area of skin on your resorce images and place it onto your models face, try to line up the stretches with the shape of the face your applying it to.


Once you have it in place and your happy with it, open up the colour ballance box, Layer > Adjust > Colour ballance and adjust the sliders to make the piece of skin the same colour as your model. Once it fits and you can’t see a difference, copy the layer and flip it horizontally and place it on the other side of the face.

step 3: Colouring in

With a soft brush colour in the area along the bottom of the nose to the streched skin. again, with the soft brush paint in the wrinkles, using the shape of the face for direction.


Now draw in some shadow underneath that layer to give it a 3d feel.

Next go to, Filters > Liquify. and slightly stretch the eyes out to give the feeling of the skin being pulled! Nearly there now.

Step 4: Skull

create a new layer and call it mask. Then, with the pen tool draw the area around the mouth and chin where your skull chin is going to go. Now place your skull on a layer above the mask layer and set the skull layer to clipping mask. now just resize the skull layer till it fits with the chin of your model.


Step 5: Back ground and final touches

Now your nearlly done on this zombie photoshop tutorial. Select all the layers apart from the background layer and merge them. Now duplicate the layer and goto  Layers > Adjust > desaturate

This will change the layer to black and white. Now go to Layers > Adjust > Levels and darken the layer using the middle slider arrow to the right, and the intensify the layer using the far right slider.

Fianlly, Go to Filters > Artistic > Film grain and give it about 100% grain. now set this layer to overlay with an opacity of 60%

Add the zombie background and give it a slight gausian blur and your done!

zombie photoshop tutorial

I hope you enjoyed the zombie photoshop tutorial, please feel free to share this and comment, and keep coming back for more cool tutorials.

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Robin Powell

About the Author:

I am a graphic and web designer that loves wandering the globe and eating noodles!

  •,net Kate

    How cool is that!!!

    • Robin Powell

      Thanks craft monkey!

  • toby

    excellent tutorial!

    • Robin Powell

      Thanks Tobe!

  • Dominic Watson

    Yeah, looks awesome. Was wondering how the hell this was done :D Never knew about Colour balance for matching stuff

    • Robin Powell

      Yo Dom, Cheers mate. yeh, colour ballance is super useful for matching stuff!

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  • maher Ahmed

    this would be really cool if you could provide us with the full hd images that you used

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